Dreher Island Aquatics Base – High Adventure in ’22

In the summer of 2022 older Scouts (age 14+ or completed 8th grade) will have the opportunity to take part in our new high adventure programs operating 30 minutes away from camp at the Dreher Island Aquatics Base. We have partnered with the SC State Park Service to operate a remote base at a nearby state park. Scouts that sign up will be able to choose from two different high adventure bundles focusing on fishing and sailing. Our signature striped bass trip (with a professional guide) is part of the Adventurer bundle. The Mariner bundle will spend their time sailing and motor boating on the big water. Scouts at Dreher Island will also be able to go swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. In addition, they are allowed to bring their bicycles to get around the park.

Over the last five years Camp Barstow has built a successful high adventure program around fishing and sailing.  This new base allows us to expand the program and give older scouts what they truly want – their own off-camp experience away from the younger Scouts and something truly unique.  The location at Dreher Island is a beautiful peninsula out into the big water of Lake Murray with it’s own private cove.  We can conveniently launch our big sailboats and motorboat from the state park marina.   But we also have our own cove next to the campsite for swimming and launching paddle craft and Sunfish sailboats.  The schedule will allow Scouts to be flexible and choose which of these activities they want to participate in.

Scouts can choose either ½ week program to mix and match their itinerary. You can elect to spend ½ of your week at Camp Barstow with the unit and then be transported to Dreher Island for your high adventure program or stay out the entire week.  We have great in camp options for older Scouts as well.  Our Ropes Bundle includes climbing on our tower and a day going up on the high COPE course.  We also offer a sailing program using three different types of boats in the Skipper Bundle. So if you have older Scouts that are not as motivated by earning merit badges but want to really experience some adventure we are a great pick for your summer.

In the Adventurer Bundle you will go out with a professional bass guide to catch some monster fish (look what’s for supper!)


in the Mariner Bundle you will set sail on the big water in one of our large sailboats


the campsite cove at Dreher Island


choose to stay in a jumbo cabin tent provided by the camp


choose to bring your own hammock for our peninsula campsite at Dreher Island


restroom and shower facilities located a short walk or bicycle ride from the campsite


our sailboats and pontoon use the marina at Dreher Island to launch excursions


visit the marina store to get supplies or a quick snack and cold drink




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