Get A Bonus Week Of Summer Camp

Get A Bonus Week Of Summer Camp

By now Scouts are signed up for camp whether it’s at Barstow or somewhere else on the map. But for those that want to get a bonus week of camp with our excellent bundle program why not sign up to come with a buddy either Weeks 3 or 4? We call this a Baden Powell Scout (provisional) when you come to camp with a buddy not attached to your troop. We will provide the leadership in an existing troop or in provisional troop made of similar Scouts. If you have already been to Barstow in Weeks 1 or 2 you can get a $50 discount on this “bounce back” week.

All you have to do is pick 2 of the 26 merit badge bundles to plan your week at Barstow. You can also have your registered parent or leader come with a fragment of the troop if you can organize a small group. We will help arrange for the appropriate adult supervision to make sure you have a fun and safe week.

Check Out The Leader’s Guide For More Information

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