Putting The Fun Back In Scout Camp

Putting The Fun Back In Scout Camp

You’ve heard about one reason things are #BetterAtBarstow with our merit badge bundles.  Here is our secret sauce.

Reason #2 Fun After 4 PM.

After Scouts have been in class all day the last thing they want to do is take Finger Printing Merit Badge at 8 o’clock at night!  We realized that last summer so in our new program we eliminated all elective merit badge twilight classes.  Instead starting at 4 PM every day we close down merit bage class and schedule staffed free time activities across the whole camp.  All of these activities are completely free (no add on fees) and make sure that the Scouts (and big adult kids) at Camp Barstow have fun at camp.

What Happens During Fun After 4?

Open Swim (bring a buddy) Aquatics
Open Boating (kayak, canoe, paddle board) Aquatics
Ecology Tour (on the pontoon) Aquatics
Tubing (limited seating) Aquatics
Open Fishing Fishing Shelter
Open Archery Archery Range
Open Shooting Shooting Ranges
Open Tomahawk Throwing Muscogee Village
Open Handicraft Muscogee Village

Twilight Activities Keep The Fun Going

Every night we staff more fun activities for the Scouts and leaders.  Your troop can take a trip out in one of our 16-person war canoes as a team building experience.  Every evening our Ecology Tour takes you on a river cruise to see osprey, blue herons and all the lake wildlife.  We organize camp-wide sports tournaments for Gaga Ball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, ping pong and chess. Our OA lodge sponsors a Native American rendezvous and ice cream social.  The late night pavilion parties are epic featuring karaoke and our talent show. These are just a taste of what we have on the schedule.

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Putting The Fun Back In Scout Camp


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