Why Us

In 2019 Live Your Summer Adventure at Camp Barstow!
From the waterfront to the ranges on beautiful Lake Murray.

Camp Barstow is where Scouts can build their own adventure with our 15 unique merit badge program bundles. Our Camp is located on over 300 acres along the banks of Lake Murray in the sunny midlands of South Carolina. With 50,000 acres of freshwater, Lake Murray is our adventure playground.

Barstow has an incredible waterfront with speed boats, 24 foot sailboats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and of course swimming. Our shooting sports ranges are second to none with the state’s best 5-stand shotgun range. Our COPE course is one of the tops in the area with low and high elements. But the best kept secret at Barstow is our facilities. Every campsite features adirondack camping with hammock shelters. In our air conditioned dining hall the food is great and the Scout spirit is crazy at meal time.


Cowboy Action Shooting Comes To Camp Barstow in 2019

Monday nights at Camp Barstow you are invited to come visit Leech’s Mercantile up on the Rifle Range and...

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Advancement At Cub Resident Camp

Cub Resident Camp is going to be VERY exciting this year as both Scouts and adults will board the “high...

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Come To Barstow & Join Our Troop

Already 38 Scouts are signed up to come to Barstow as their 2nd week of summer camp.  In...

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Barstow Frontiersman

A themed program that intertwines handicraft with Native American heritage and includes classic shooting sports merit badges. The Scouts in this program will spend two days in our Muscogee Village that includes a handicraft shelter and Native American dance arbor and teepee. ....

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Barstow Explorer

Bartow Explorer is an ecology themed program that happens in the unique Lake Murray habitat. Instead of learning these merit badges on a picnic table we will have them up and moving exploring our unique environment. Our program has it’s own dedicated pontoon motorboat to facilitate the Scouts exploring the upper Saluda channel of the lake as well as some uninhabited islands near camp. ....

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Barstow Voyager

The Voyageur program is designed for Scouts that would like to spend two days mastering our paddle boarding merit badges. These Scouts will have the opportunity to earn two complimentary aquatics badges in Kayaking and Canoeing. In addition they will complete the requirements for BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding. The capstone event for this program will be a War Canoe expedition in our 12-man canoes. ....

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Barstow Outdoorsman

The Outdoorsman program is built around core Scoutcraft skill merit badges. The Scouts will complete requirements in a blended schedule where they will work in small groups on various skills. In the outdoors they will learn how to prevent and treat common first aid situations. ....

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Barstow Ranger

The Ranger program is for Scouts who want a challenge working on some of the more advanced Scoutcraft merit badges. Scouts in this program will learn the various methods of lashing and build a pioneering project. Scouts will learn how to stay safe in a back country setting. They will also be exposed to everything necessary to begin a backpacking program. The culminating activity will be a 2-mile hike that ends with spending the night in a shelter that the Scout has built. ....

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Barstow Angler

This program is designed for Scouts who really want to catch their limit. Lake Murray is well known for its opportunities to fish. This program includes an early morning trip out with a professional stripper guide. Another trip out will be fly fishing on the Saluda River for trout below the Lake Murray dam. The Scouts will clean and cook some of the fish some of their catch. When the Scouts return from morning fishing they will work on requirements for Fish & Wildlife Management. A conservation project is also part of the curriculum....

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Would you like to spend a summer working long hours for low wages and having the time of your life?  The staff is what makes a Scout summer camp special.  It’s the secret sauce that can turn an ordinary campfire into a hilarious event that you tell your parents about later.  The staff are the ones that sing that favorite song that you can’t get out of your head for weeks after you return home.  They are also the ones that take time to get to know your name and are there to help you learn a new skill or encourage you to finish the badge.

At Camp Barstow we are currently recruiting our 2019 staff.  Luckily we are bringing back the majority of last year’s staff for an encore performance.  However, we always have turnover with folks graduating or having other opportunities to explore.

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2018 Camp Barstow Staff Week 3 Picture

In 2019 we can offer staff 5 1/2 weeks of employment beginning with staff week on June 9th.  Our summer camp season ends on Saturday July 20. Here are some highlights for you to consider.

  • most staff sleep in air conditioned cabins
  • room and board covered with a weekly salary
  • staff shirts and swag included at no charge
  • we begin CITs at age 14 with recommendations from their Scoutmaster
  • our paid counselors begin at age 15
  • we have several openings for older staff including Medical Officer

If you would like to learn more about working at Camp Barstow in the summer of 2019 please contact the Camp Director.


Camp Barstow is the local Boy Scout camp serving the midlands of South Carolina. Opened in 1930, and made possible by the generosity of philanthropist William S. Barstow, Camp Barstow has operated at three locations: 1930 – 1940 on a tract of land now part of Ft. Jackson, 1942 – 1995 in Gaston, and 1996 – present on Lake Murray near Batesburg.

Throughout this long history, the summer camp program at Camp Barstow has been delivered to Scouts by a dedicated staff who have generously given their time and talents to make summer camp at Camp Barstow an unforgettable experience in the lives of thousands of boys and young men.

The Facebook Group is for all Camp Barstow Staff members past and present.