New Merit Badge Bundles Coming in 2020

Last summer we rolled out a completely new way of doing merit badge instruction at Scout camp.   At most camps Scouts create a schedule of classes that has them bouncing around every hour to different program areas where they show up late and beg the counselor to let them go a few minutes early.  Scoutmasters have to keep chasing kids out of the campsite and keep one eye on whose lingering too long at the trading post.  We broke the old model with our innovative merit badge bundles program.  Now Scouts spend about 14 hours over 2 1/2 days immersed in a program that focuses more on the experiences built into the requirements and less on reading out of a book.  The counselors get to know their Scouts and during that time they can build in capstone events that go way beyond what the checkoff sheet asks for.

Every week at camp in 2019 we had a 45 minutes feedback activity with Scoutmasters to see what their ideas where for tightening up the program and dreaming of what new bundles we could implement in 2020.  The fruit of those conversations and many more are the new bundles that we are adding to the line up this summer.


Barstow Aerospace



Space Exploration

Barstow Citizen

Citizenship In The Nation

American Heritage

Scouting Heritage

Barstow Communicator


Public Speaking


Barstow Director

Movie Making



Barstow Naturalist

Soil and Water Conservation


Bird Study

Barstow Signalman




Barstow Conductor




Barstow Adventurer

(Best of Barstow) includes

Striped Bass Fishing Trip

Sailing on 26′ Sailboat with overnight camp

Cowboy Action Shooting

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