Scoutmasters Agree Fun After 4 Is Our Secret Sauce

Fun After 4 Is Our Secret Sauce.

Scoutmaster Jim Rogers of Troop 2870 said it best.  On the video below he said Barstow was the first camp he’s ever attended that looked and felt like a true summer camp.  What did he mean by that?  He meant it was not a merit badge mill having the Scouts chase down easy elective merit badges until the sun went down.  He meant that when we stop instruction at 4 PM we throw open the camp with staffed free time activities.  Scouts could truly have fun and be kids swimming, shooting, tubing, or enjoying an Ecology Tour on our pontoon boat. Every evening was likewise filled with a big menu of activities for them to choose from that matched their interests. Watch this Scoutmaster interview video to see what a 1/2 dozen different leaders had to say about their Barstow experience.


Barstow Fun After 4 Is Our Secret Sauce

Every Day At 4 PM Here Is Our Schedule.

Open Swim (bring a buddy) Aquatics
Open Boating (kayak, canoe, paddle board) Aquatics
Ecology Tour (on the pontoon) Aquatics
Tubing (limited seating) Aquatics
Open Fishing Fishing Shelter
Open Archery Archery Range
Open Shooting Shooting Ranges
Open Handicraft Muscogee Village
Open Tomahawk Throwing Muscogee Village

Wednesday is the only day we don’t offer the Fun After 4 schedule. That is the day we flip sessions in the bundle program.  So the schedule is Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.

Our Twilight Activities Keep the Fun Going.

Fly Tying 7PM Dining Hall Open Rifle 7PM Rifle Range Scoutmaster Shoot 7 PM Shotgun Range
Cowboy Action Shooting 7 PM Rifle Range (14+ yrs) Open Archery 7 PM Archery Range Native American Rendezvous 7 PM Pavilion
Native American Drum/Sing  7 PM Muscogee Village Tomahawk Throwing 7 PM Muscogee Village Open Boating 7 PM
Branding 7 PM Muscogee Village Open Swim 7 PM Aquatics Troop War Canoe 7 PM Aquatics
Open Boating 7 PM Aquatics Ecology Tour 7 PM Aquatics Ecology Tour 7 PM Aquatics
Ecology Tour 7 PM Aquatics Ecology Canoe Trek 7 PM Aquatics Ping Pong Tournament 8 PM Pavilion
Troop War Canoe 7 PM Aquatics Chess Tournament 8 PM Pavilion OA Ice Cream Social 8 PM Pavilion
GaGa Ball Tournament 8 PM Star Gazing 9 PM Activity Field Pavilion Party 9 PM Pavilion
Star Gazing 9 PM Activity Field Pavilion Party 9 PM Pavilion


Check out our Pavilion Party including karaoke

The Barstowree Is A Blast!

Wednesday we have one of our most popular camp-wide activities scheduled.  The Barstowree is a gigantic field day type event with wacky and fun patrol competitions.  No string burning here!  Scouts will spend just a couple minutes at over a dozen stations competing for fun not against each other.

The Bull Moose Hike Is Barstow Tradition

Wednesday when it starts to get dark we take off on the Bull Moose Hike.  This Barstow exclusive night hike is the campers opportunity to spot and take pictures of the illusive herd of Bull Moose that was relocated to our camp property many years ago.

Our staff works very hard to make sure that your Scouts have a memorable experience filled with fun activities during their week at camp. In the summer of 2020 we are building on our success with expanded merit badge bundles and even more fun activities planned.


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