Scout Leader Fun #BetterAtBarstow


Scout Leader Fun #BetterAtBarstow

We’ve shown you how Camp Barstow is a modern camp with great facilities, has a new way of doing program and a great staff.  Here is another reason why things are #BetterAtBarstow.

Reason #5 Scout Leader Fun

Why should the Scouts be the only ones having fun at camp?  Our motto is even the adults get to be kids again at Camp Barstow!  During the week we offer daily activities for Scout leaders and I’m not talking about campsite inspections. Oh sure, we offer training sessions after the 9 AM leaders meeting but let’s talk about the good stuff.


Camp Barstow Is The Place Where Leaders Go To Have Fun

Monday Cowboy Action Shooting

Monday night you are invited to take part in cowboy action shooting.  This new program element involves shooting multiple “western style” firearms including a lever action rifle, revolvers and coach shotgun.

Tuesday Scout Leader Only Tubing

It’s one of the most popular free time activities at camp. But do you really want all your Scouts to see you flip and crash on a tube?  For those Scout leaders up for the challenge on Tuesday night we do an adult only trip.

Wednesday Scout Leader Shrimp Boil

Instead of eating in the dining hall on Wednesday night you are invited to our Scout leader appreciation dinner.  I’ll cook up a giant batch of South Carolina Low Country Boil to say thank you for choosing Barstow.

Thursday Camp Barstow Chef

Our beloved John Sifford runs a dutch oven class for Scout leaders during your week at camp.  The class starts on Wednesday with the cook off Thursday afternoon.  It is very difficult to name a winner but luckily several staff members volunteer to be judges and we usually can come to an agreement.  The next day Mr. Sifford recognized these leaders with a special gift.


Barstow Chef Is Yummy – Come See The Scoutmaster Fun At Camp Barstow

Thurs Scoutmaster Shoot & Twilight Cruise

In the evening adults have to make a choice.  They can participate in the Scoutmaster shotgun shooting event or head down to the lake for a twilight cruise into the sunset at 8:30 PM.  Either way it’s a great way to get away from the Scouts and have a little fun.

Friday Scout Leader Golf Tournament

Have you ever tried playing a round of golf striking a wiffle ball through the woods?  That’s the basic idea behind our golf tournament that sometimes gets a little wacky on Friday morning.

Things Are #BetterAtBarstow

Last summer we had a 32% increase in attendance and now we already have troops signed up for each week in 2020.  All you need to do to reserve your spot is send a $100 deposit which will go towards your camper fees.  Everything you want to know about camp is on our website at  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Download The 2020 Leaders Guide

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