2020 Anniversary Camp Barstow Patch Set

This year we can count three anniversaries that are being celebrated at Camp Barstow.  This 2020 patch set honors all of those important milestones and is rich with nostalgia for our proud history.

1. The top patch commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Indian Waters Council with a throwback to one of the early shoulder patch designs from when the name changed in the 1970s from Central South Carolina Council.

2. This is the 90th anniversary of Camp Barstow having started in 1930 at what is today Fort Jackson.  The patch honors the decades that Barstow was located in Gaston, SC.  The classic “F-dock” design was on many patches from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.

3.  Since moving in the 1990s we can celebrate 25 years in the current location on Lake Murray.  The sailboat and eagle have been on several Barstow patches over the last couple of decades.

4. The totem pole patch is also the 2020 summer camp issue.  The design honors our Barstow Bears who have spent the last decade building the camp.  Faithfully one Saturday every month, the all volunteer group comes to camp and knocks out projects including Adirondacks, hammock shelters and much more.  The Bull Moose totem honors our relocated herd that lives at camp and thrives on the lush vegetation and Scout spirit of our campers.  The fox totem represents our Muscogee Lodge which has been the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service at Camp Barstow since it’s founding in 1942.

Very soon the council will announce details on how you can purchase this set of patches.  When that information is available we will also add it to this post and promote it on Facebook.

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