Advancement At Cub Resident Camp

Cub Resident Camp is going to be VERY exciting this year as both Scouts and adults will board the “high seas” of Camp Barstow and become pirates. 🙂

Couple of things:

1. In addition to the fun activities we have planned the Scouts will also have a chance to earn advancements:

Tigers: Floats and Boats / Games Tigers Play

Wolf: Running with the Pack / Spirit of the Water

Bear: Bear Necessities / Salmon Run

Webelos and AOL: Aquanaut / Sports

Plus, each Scout will also have the opportunity to earn a Shooting Sports Award and a Shooting Sports Award Pin for Slingshot, Archery, and BBs. There is a patch per rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos) as you can see below. Each Scout can earn up to three pins (one for Slingshot, Archery, and BB).

2. You can download the flyer. Please forward it to your parents (or other leaders) in your Den or Pack.

3. To register and to find out more info go to:  

Adam Lean Cub Scout Resident Camp Chair

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