Camp Barstow Has A Deal For You

Our Baden Powell program is built for Scouts that perhaps can’t go to camp with their troop for some reason or want to catch-up or get ahead on advancement. We have a full-time Scoutmaster on staff for this program. So we will take whatever Scouts and adults can come and blend them in to form a troop.

We also offer a discounted price for a “bounce back” week of camp. This means if your Scout has already attended a week of Scout summer camp (at Barstow or another camp) we will knock $75 off the regular price. That means for $250 your Scout can take spend a week on Lake Murray earning advancement and making memories.

Indian Waters Council troops if you have not been to your home camp in the last few years please send us a few Scouts so they can see the changes. Last summer things really took off with completely new camp leadership and the momentum coming out of a successful summer has been buzzing around the council. We want your troop to get a taste of our new programs, energized staff and fun adventure on Lake Murray. We’ve added new boats to our fleet and have rolled out a completely new and innovative Barstow Bundles program. We want you to get a taste of this excitement and the best way to do that is by sending us some of your boys and perhaps an adult to see for yourself.

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