Camp Staff Curriculum Day Over Winter Holidays

Two days after Christmas many of the senior staff members on the 2019 summer camp staff gathered at the Scout office in Columbia, SC for a day of planning and collaboration.  With more than 6 months before the first Scouts arrive at Camp Barstow the staff got a great head start on making plans for 2019.  Many of the 15 merit badge bundles were represented in the room by the staff that will be leading them this summer.

The group took the merit badge requirements and deconstructed them to see where the crossover opportunities exist.  In the merit badge bundle schedule there are about 14 hours to work with.  The staff looked at groupings, materials, lesson plans and solidifying a capstone event.  One example is thinking about how the counselors can account for down time and transition by making games or singing songs that would actually reinforce the material.  With an eye on being prepared they also brainstormed how to account for an afternoon of inclement weather with a 1/2 week session to schedule around.

The next round of planning will be in February at Camp Barstow.  Our staff is working hard now to make sure the summer of 2019 continues the positive momentum we have with camp upgrades and our new program.




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